Study Background

Cheung Chau is well known for its historical relics and the annual traditional festivities, which attracts numerous visitors to the island. Ferry is the only public transport means to and from Cheung Chau. Currently, facilities at Cheung Chau Ferry Pier are nearly saturated during holidays. There has also been aging of the pier structure. Hence, there have been calls from the public to expand or reconstruct the pier to cope with the increasing needs.

The Civil Engineering and Development Department is studying options for reconstruction of Cheung Chau Ferry Pier. We look forward to hearing your views.

Cheung Chau Ferry Pier in the 70s and 80s (photo provided by Cheung Chau Rural Committee)
Current Cheung Chau Ferry Pier (Taken in November 2019)
Study Objectives
  • To identify and examine options for reconstruction of Cheung Chau Ferry Pier
  • To enhance ferry berthing and centralise ferry services
  • To enhance the passenger handling capacity
  • To strengthen structural integrity and durability of the ferry pier
Key Considerations
  • To facilitate locals’ travelling needs and visitors’ access to Cheung Chau
  • To modify the passage area in Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter and relocate some aids to navigation facilitating ferry navigation, while maintaining operation of marine facilities in the typhoon shelter
  • To improve bicycle parking facilities near the ferry pier
  • To examine the feasibility of adopting smart and environmentally friendly facilities
  • To consider mitigation measures to control environmental and visual impacts
Location Options under Consideration
Preliminary Suggestion

After weighing the pros and cons of the above options, we initially propose to construct a new ferry pier at location option 2 (near Water Supplies Department Cheung Chau Depot). We plan to demolish the existing ferry pier after the proposed ferry pier is in operation to vacate water area for use by vessels.

The merits of this suggestion include:
  • Close to the original ferry pier
  • Lower construction cost and shorter construction duration
  • Temporary ferry pier not required during reconstruction
  • Maintaining operations of the existing ferry pier, public pier, landings and the passage area
  • Enhancing navigation safety by widening the clearance between the ferry pier and the public pier
  • Provision of sufficient passenger waiting area in the proposed ferry pier
  • Provision of additional bicycle parking facilities near the proposed ferry pier
Pier Facilities under Consideration
Pier Facilities
  • WiFi Service
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electronic Information Kiosk
  • Toilet
  • Waiting Area
  • Drinking Water Dispenser
  • Seats

Barrier-free Facilities
  • Colour Contrast
  • Tactile Guide Path
  • Braille & Tactile Plan
  • Lift
  • Braille & Tactile Sign
  • Induction Loop System

Floor Usage
  • Open Space /
    Sitting-out Area
  • Performance Venue
  • Viewing Platform
  • Shops
  • Restaurants / Food Stalls
  • Exhibition Space