Starting from January 2020, we have consulted different stakeholders for their opinions regarding the pier reconstruction project via various focus group meetings, including District Council members, Cheung Chau Rural Committee, Cheung Chau resident organisations, trade organisations, relevant committees of the Marine Department, ferry operator, motor boat and tugboat association, users of typhoon shelter such as fisheries associations and barrier-free facilities concern groups. Besides, to help Cheung Chau residents and the public understand more about the proposed project, we have posted promotion leaflets and opinion forms to all Cheung Chau households, set up display panels at Central and Cheung Chau Ferry Piers, broadcast video on ferries and set up webpages to introduce the proposed project, and to widely collect opinions from Cheung Chau residents and the public.

Consultation meetingsConsultation meetings
Consultation meetings
Promotion leaflets and opinion formsPromotion leaflets and opinion forms
Display panelsDisplay panels
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Opinions of Stakeholders

Stakeholders showed general support to the reconstruction of Cheung Chau Ferry Pier.  During the consultation, we have also learnt the concerns of the stakeholders related to the project, including convenience of the site location, pedestrian flow management, maritime arrangement and navigation safety, construction period and cost, whether appropriate facilities could be provided (such as sufficient queuing and waiting spaces and public spaces), as well as whether more bicycle parking spaces can be provided.

Among the consideration factors for site selection, more residents ranked proximity to the location of the existing pier, ensuring navigation safety of ferries and short construction duration as the more important considerations. These were followed by maintaining operation of other marine facilities and whether more bicycle parking spaces can be provided. In addition, residents are also concerned about pedestrian flow management.

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Preliminary Suggestion

After consolidating the stakeholders’ opinions and results of technical assessments, we preliminarily consider the location near Water Supplies Department Cheung Chau Depot as the most appropriate location for reconstruction of Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, which will also best meet the stakeholders’ expectations. 

  • Proximity to the location of the existing pier
    This location is close to the existing Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, with only a 1-to-2-minute walking distance.
  • Ensuring navigation safety of ferries
    This scheme will help increase the clearance between the proposed ferry pier and the existing public pier, such that vessels will have more sufficient space to operate and navigation safety can be enhanced.
  • Short construction duration
    Construction of a temporary pier will not be required, and this scheme will be implemented in the shortest construction duration, at the lowest cost and in the highest efficiency.
  • Maintaining operation of other marine facilities
    During construction, the daily operation of marine facilities, including the existing pier and the ferry services will not be affected.
  • Whether more bicycle parking spaces can be provided
    We suggest constructing deck(s) for bicycle parking spaces on the two sides of the proposed pier for addressing the demand from Cheung Chau residents for bicycle parking near the pier before interchanging to ferries. 
  • Pedestrian flow management
    By centralising bicycles parking on the deck next to the proposed pier, the current congested situation on streets associated with bicycle parking on part of the streets can be improved.  Meanwhile, by providing more spacious queuing and waiting spaces inside the proposed pier than the existing one, the current situation of passengers waiting for ferries on praya streets during peak hours can further be relieved.

The feasibility study is anticipated to be completed in 2021. We will continue to hear the public's views. In the next stage, we will commence the investigation and design for the proposed reconstruction of Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, as well as statutory procedures, with a view to commencing the works as early as possible.